Labor-Savings Timeline

Scope Discussion Scope Discussion
to account for all products and labor before the project starts and to reduce scope overlap.
Kick Off Meeting Kick Off Meeting
takes place after projects are awarded to discuss project schedule, urgent deliverables, and contractor installation plans.
Classroom Training
provided on larger projects to the installation team by Vibro-Acoustics' Field Engineers. The focus is on how to install the product quickly and correctly.
Project Management Project Management
is provided with a single point of contact to help contractors achieve code compliance with the least amount of labor.
Custom Engineering Custom Engineering
is often required because standard products are not always the most economical to install. Vibro-Acoustics has significant experience in this area.
Description: C:\Users\cfong\Desktop\6.jpeg Product Installation
of Vibro-Acoustics' products is the fastest in the market. Our champion is the BulletBraceTM cable restraint system.
Site Visits & Sign Off
will be provided by Vibro-Acoustics' Field Engineers to ensure products have been installed as per code and specification requirements.

For vibration isolation and restraint systems, what cost should contractors carry for materials and labor? How can contractors avoid scope and labor creep? These are difficult questions to answer when systems aren’t scheduled, locations aren’t determined, and specifications are vague. It’s up to the contractor to figure it all out.

The cost of labor is estimated to be 10 times the cost of isolation and restraint material. Unfortunately, this labor is also at risk of ballooning over the project timeline. Reducing labor directly impacts the project margin.

At Vibro-Acoustics we have one focus when it comes to vibration isolation and restraint systems—to deliver labor savings to installing contractors. This is our mantra. We have worked extensively on multiple labor-saving programs across all customer facing departments. Our Labor-Savings Timeline (left) illustrates some of the ways we save our customers labor when we partner together on projects.