Vibration Pads and Mounts

Rounded Corners

Rubber Pads

The Vibro-Acoustics Neo+ (NP) series of vibration pad isolators provides vibration isolation for mechanical and electrical systems and equipment. Available in softer and harder durometer versions, these isolators are most effective when used on stiff supporting structures with mid- to high-frequency vibration sources. Vibro-Acoustics’ Neo+ pads are made with neoprene rubber and are available in multiples of 2” x 2” (50 x 50mm) modules up to and including 18” x 18” (460 x 460mm) and can support loads up to 35,640 lbs (158.53kN). The pads are made of high tensile strength neoprene compound with a thickness of 7/8” (22mm) that helps increase rated deflection and therefore vibration isolation efficiency. Vibro-Acoustics’ pad isolators are also available with load distribution top plates to accommodate equipment with point-load supports. Neoprene grommet washers are available from Vibro-Acoustics to be used where equipment is bolted down to reduce vibration transmission through the bolts. For lower deflection applications where essential goal is to avoid metal to metal or metal to concrete contact, Vibro-Acoustics provides double sided, ribbed N pads.

Typical applications for the vibration isolation pads include indoor equipment with potential for high frequency vibration and no lateral loads. Typical equipment includes boilers, internally isolated air handling units, transformers and high rpm vertical heat pumps.


Rounded Corners

Seismic Rubber-in-Shear Mounts

Vibro-Acoustics SRD series of seismically-rated double-deflection neoprene floor mounts provide mid- to high-frequency vibration isolation for floor-mounted equipment mounted on stiff supporting structures. The SRD is comprised of a housing and an all-directional snubber for seismic restraint. The snubber includes neoprene components to prevent metal-to-metal contact under normal operation and during seismic events. The neoprene element can stay flexible under a wide range of temperatures and is chemically inert, making the SRD mounts well-suited for a broad range of industrial applications. The SRDs’ double-deflection neoprene elements are color-coded to indicate durometer and load capacity. The SRD includes a bolt and hold-down nut and washer for equipment mounting.

Typical applications include indoor floor-mounted equipment and systems. Typical equipment and systems include condensing units, fans, pumps, small chillers, air compressors, floor supported piping and ductwork, etc.