Rounded Corners Flexible Connectors

Flexible Connectors

When equipment is vibration isolated, it’s essential to introduce flexibility on its connections. In addition to that, some equipment will need to be flexibly connected to piping systems in order to reduce excessive force, vibration and noise transfer through connections. Vibro-Acoustics pipe flexible connectors can be installed at these connection points to provide the flexibility required on the optimum vibration isolation system. Design considerations can include thermal movements, seismic movements and vibration issues.

Rubber Expansion Joints

Single or double sphere expansion joints are constructed of EPDM or neoprene.

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

These expansion joints consist of metal bellows, mounting flanges and control rods to limit excessive expansion.

Braided Metal Flexible Connectors

Braided metal flexible connectors are mainly used with pumps. Vibro-Acoustics offers these products for copper or steel piping with a variety of end types.


Spider Guide

MSS Spider type pipe guides for steel and copper piping provide guiding for pipe in a variety of configurations depending on insulation thickness and required movement.

Seismic V-Loops

Depending on the seismic movement requirements, these highly flexible connectors provide the cost effective solution with the two braided flexible hoses welded together at 90 degrees to create a V shaped layout.

Thermal Expansion Compensators

When axial thermal movement is the main concern for design consideration, these expansion compensators provide a reliable solution up to 200 psi operating pressure.


Externally Pressurized Exp. Joints

These heavy construction expansion joints can solve thermal expansion problems up to 300 psi operating pressure.