Rounded Corners

Restrained Spring (CSR / SCSR)

Vibro-Acoustics’ CSR series of floor-mounted, housed isolators provide vibration isolation for mechanical systems and equipment. These isolators include welded housings designed to limit vertical and lateral movement of the top support plate caused by equipment operation or wind loading. The uniquely-engineered springs are designed to provide a minimum of 50% additional travel to solid and are fully powder-coated and color-coded for superior corrosion protection and ease of identification. All other hardware is zinc plated, including the adjustment nut, restraining bolts, and support rod. Housings are either powder-coated or hot-dip galvanized as appropriate to endure a variety of environments.

Applications include indoor and outdoor mechanical equipment isolation with lateral loads and minimal to no change in operating weight. Typical equipment may include cooling towers, base-mounted fans, and air handlers.