Rounded Corners Isolation Hanger

Isolation Hangers

Suspended building systems including equipment, ductwork and piping are either noise and vibration sources or paths which can transmit vibrations into the supporting structure. Structural floor, ceiling and roof systems act as sounding boards, turning these vibrations into audible noise. Vibro-Acoustics’ vibration isolation hangers help reduce this problem. Our hangers are typically installed inline with threaded rod supports to break the rigid support path. Vibro-Acoustics’ uniquely-engineered springs are used for low frequency vibrations, and our elastomeric isolators help absorb high frequency vibrations.  A combination of both options is also available to maximize performance.

Spring Hangers

Our vibration isolators use springs (SH) or a combination of springs with neoprene rubber elements (SHR) to absorb vibrations.

Precompressed Spring Hangers

Our precompressed spring hangers help with coordination of installation.

Neoprene Hangers

These vibration isolators provide effective high frequency isolation for stiff structures.


Spring Ceiling Hangers

Our SHC and SHCH are used with acoustical subceilings to enhance transmission loss of noise traveling to occupied spaces above.

Adjustable Thrust Restraints

The AHCS Equipment-Mounted Adjustable Thrust Restraints provide resistance to horizontal motion due to thrust.

Grommet Washers

Neoprene grommet washers can be used on suspended components for nominal vibration control.